Men in Women’s Restrooms- I Don’t Support It.

Men's and Women's Toilets

There are separate bathrooms for a reason. Like this one.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Women’s bathroom at my office and found myself facing a man. I froze. Usually, I’m not lost for words but this one had me befuddled. My first reaction was embarrassment for walking into a Men’s restroom. That would be so like me. My second reaction was indignation because I knew I hadn’t walked into a Men’s restroom- I was definitely in the Women’s- and how dare this guy make me feel embarrassed about walking into my own genders restroom. I mean, I really loathed him for a moment. My third reaction was like, uh, now what happens? Do I tell him he is in the wrong place? Do I just turn around and leave? What is happening here??!!!

We stared at each other like each of us was seeing an alien. It was seriously awkward and surreal. Finally, he says “I’m just checking the toilets.” and then he walked out of the restroom while I was still standing in the exact same position with my mouth wide open and my hand somehow pointing toward the door as if to say “One of us should be walking out of that door but I’m not sure which…” Then, I just started giggling like a little girl and went about my business.

I accepted his “checking the toilets” excuse at face value at first but then all the facts of this mystery started coming together. 1. He was a Man in a Women’s restroom.

2. He was not wearing a uniform of any type.

3. He was dressed business professionally.

So now I’m thinking that there is no way that guy was “checking the toilets”. I mean, why would you wear slacks and a button-down shirt to check a toilet? I don’t think you would. Even if you took your toilet-checking job very seriously I still don’t think you would dress that nice. I mean, what if the toilet didn’t work and then it exploded all over your nice clothes? It seems like an awful waste of a button-down. So, the only conclusion I can come to is that Mr. Man was in the wrong bathroom. Maybe it was an accident. Or maybe it was something more sinister, like he was installing cameras for a yucky fetish website or he was like personally trying to spy on Women using the potty, or maybe he finds the sound of Women urinating comforting. I don’t know. No matter what, I really can’t support  his reasons. The whole incident made me very uncomfortable. I would like to be really progressive and say that Men and Women using the same restrooms is no big deal but I just can’t go there. I like having separate bathrooms. I’m sorry Mr. Man, I hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings, it’s just  this experience was very unsettling for me and I don’t want to repeat it.

Also, the stall he was walking out of when I walked in was the very first stall, which happens to be the stall I typically use. Never again. I will never ever use that stall again. I just can’t. Thanks a lot dude.

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22 thoughts on “Men in Women’s Restrooms- I Don’t Support It.

  1. I’ve used the women’s restroom before, but only if it’s something wrong with the men’s like a couple of times the floor was flooded with poop so i used the women’s it was totally clean, or the men’s is out of order or just plain smelly and nasty, but for those reasons i would just wait till I get home unless I couldn’t hold it, at that point a restroom is a restroom, plus it’s not like we are in the open, but dude sounds like you may have busted him being creepy dude and you foiled his creepy dude plans. it’s a shame public restrooms has become a breeding ground for perverts, this guy just got busted here in my state for doing things to himself in the women’s restroom and some little 11yr old saw him through the cracks and told her mom, just some sick people out here.

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  3. agree!!! creepy to have that happen but i’m not above going in to the men’s bathroom when it’s empty and the line for the women’s is super long…a girl can only hold it for so long! Maybe it’s a bit hypocritical but men have far more options than women in that department.

  4. Hmmm, creepers being in the woman’s bathroom when I walk in… I think that may be one of my worst case scenarios. I think you handled it quite nicely though! I would have freaked out and started throwing something at him while screaming, “Get the HELL out of here!”

    Sounds fishy that he was ‘checking the toliets’, I definitely don’t think that adds up. Though, I must say I have walked in and used a guy’s restroom before. No one was in there I think I didn’t have my glasses on… it wasn’t until I left and I saw the urinals that I realized it was the men’s bathroom. Whoops.

  5. Do you watch The Office at all? Maybe he’s like Creed and uses the women’s restroom to go #2! (And then he was indignant when all of the other men were using the ladies’ lounge area… you just gotta watch it. Trust me, it’s funny.)

    Great post, great blog! And congrats on being “freshly pressed”!

    • Yes I do watch the office. You are so right! I bet he is totally like Creed. Thanks for reading!

  6. Haha. You have a funny blog! There is a dude that hangs out at the local bars near me, who once was caught going in the women’s restroom at one of those bars. His excuse was that he is the guy that changes the advertisements on the wall. Those who have ever listened to the guy know better.

    • No way. I was the one who was completely freaked out. Also, not a good looking fellow (besides the fact he definitely might be a creeper).

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  8. FYI, that first stall would have been the one I installed my last surveillance camera in if you hadn’t walked in on me. I’m actually “checking the toilets” as we speak.

    • Oh my goodness. I am laughing so hard right now. You have made my day – and also convinced me to use the restroom on the floor below mine.

  9. Nope to the idea of a man in the women’s restroom…however, if he sincerely walked into the women’s restroom by mistake, cause, say he really had to use it because he had a bad case of #2, the runny kind, but he couldn’t tell you that, cause, well that’s embarrasing to the opposite gender, then that would be fine.

    By the expression on his face, “We stared at each other like each of us was seeing an alien,” (hilarious sentence, by the way, made me laugh heartily), he was probably as embarrased as you were.

    My mom walked into the men’s restroom by mistake, I can’t remember which and as she left, she stared up at the ceiling as she passed the man at the sink, so she didn’t know what his expression was.

    Thanks for a great story. I’m going to go finish laughing.

    • Thanks for reading and laughing heartily! That’s true- if he just walked in there by mistake I can forgive him and move on with my life. Although, I will never use that stall he was in again- you know- just in case he really did install a camera. :)

  10. Oh no! Make sme think of Ally McBeal…I could never have worked somewhere with unisex toilets. It’s just not right. I know we share at home but there’s something inherently wrong about this in the workplace.

    Hope you’re not too traumatised.

    • I’m pretty traumatized. I might never go to the bathroom again. Also, this was definitely like Ally McBeal! I hadn’t even thought of that!

  11. That would be kind of creepy. I’ve guarded the door to the men’s bathroom before so that women could use it when there was a long line for the women’s bathroom. The men’s bathroom was empty, so I said, “Hey, you can use this bathroom, and I’ll stand guard.” About 3 women took me up on the offer.

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