Advertising Is No Joke.


Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions and inquiries about advertising on my blog. At first I resisted the idea, I mean, I didn’t want to sell my blog out in such a cheesy way. I didn’t want lame coupon advertisements all over the place. That is not what Be A Lifehacker is about. The money would be nice though….very nice indeed. So I put my thinking cap on. How could I allow advertisers to advertise on my blog without being too cheesy and sell-outy? What kind of advertising would make the most sense? The answer was so obvious. So very obvious. Erectile Dysfunction medication. Only something as absurd and inappropriate as that would make sense on this blog.

Consider this an open call to all E.D. (or is it ED?) pill distributors looking to advertise on blogs. I will accept  your money and in exchange you can fill up ad space on my page with information about erectile dysfunction. Feel free to make it as inappropriate as possible- I’m pretty sure no kids read this blog and my Grammy doesn’t even have a computer (which is how I get away with blogging about her all the time). This could be very profitable for both of us. I mean, I doubt anyone who reads this blog has that problem but I’m sure some of my loyal readers will spread the good word of your miraculous pill. You will, right guys? Just tell all the men you know- and if they get offended then you know they probably need  E.D. medication so you’ve done them a favor in telling them. I’m just sayin.

I really think this could take my blog to the next level. I mean, what higher aspiration can a blogger aspire than to have malfunctioning penis ads all over their blog??? I sure can’t think of any higher honor. It’s like winning the blogging super bowl. Or like a winning a Nobel Prize for developing a drug that helps men who have erectile dysfunction. And I can feel good about it because it’s totally a public service. This is what you call a win-win. Except for the guys who need the pills. But it’s ok because they will be getting help soon.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra- feel free to contact me. All other advertisers, sorry, I just don’t think your product really fits this blog.

(Most of this post is a joke. Except the part where if people want to pay me lots of money they can advertise on my blog- as long as they are an erectile dysfunction medication)

(Seriously, this is a joke.)

14 thoughts on “Advertising Is No Joke.

  1. Ha… having a great time reading all your old posts!

    At risk of being accused of spamming, read this:

    Maybe I should start looking for ED advertisers… lol

    • I love that post! Your points are well taken- we have had that very conversation at my house.

  2. You should consider them as possible advertisers too:

  3. What a great idea! I would buy anything that was advertised on your blog. But I don’t need ED medication. Yet.

  4. um…. one thing wrong in this post…….Im a kid. You know, under eighteen.nothing specific.*koff**koff*…….. and actually it would make my day to see some idiotic infomercial while reading this blog because it would make it about 10 times funnier and awsomer since this blog is WAY funny and WAY awsome…..:-) :-):-):-):-):-)

    • Uh oh. Does your parental guardian know you are reading this blog?? I hope I haven’t corrupted you. Although, I completely agree that ridiculous ads would probably add to the funny of this blog.

      • why as a matter of a fact, they do. Every day at dinner we sit down in pitifull silence munching until i come out and say what ive read on this blog. its a family pleaser. not that im surprised….

  5. I also think you should promote pills that say they can make your breasts bigger. I mean you and I know both know they won’t work, but THEY don’t know that.
    This could be for woman AND men.
    Public service is is only fun when you aren’t given a set amount of hours to do it or go to jail. So have fun!

    • You are so right! Calling all breast enlargement pills!!! You can advertise on my blog too!!!!

  6. Hey, I have a matter to take up with you that is both irrelevant to your post and of equal import. What is the deal with WordPress that they don’t provide “Older” and “Newer” links to your other gems at the bottom of the page when viewing just one post? Because … I mean … 21ST CENTURY!

    • Ummm…maybe you should write them a strongly worded email. Although, I suspect it’s just the theme I’ve chosen….sorry. The 21st century makes me uncomfortable.


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