Today’s Real Post Sucked.

So, I just realized that the post I was going to publish today sucked. Of course, I am realizing this only a couple hours before it was supposed to publish. So it goes. I trashed the post. Now, I have no post except this explanation of why there isn’t really a post. I do, however, want to give a shout out to my little sister who is taking my car to get new tires today because a meeting got scheduled at work at the same time so I can’t- and my car really needs new tires. She is my hero. She completely saved the day. This one is for you sis……

I thought about posting the clip from “Beaches” but then I thought- whoa- way to bring everyone down. Don’t ruin everyone’s Thursday by making them cry. But the song was just so appropriate and luckily the Divine Miss M obliges us all by performing it regularly and letting it be filmed. So, I guess I want to thank my sister and Bette Midler for making my day less of a suckfest. In my eyes, you are both divine!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Real Post Sucked.

  1. Does not seem to matter what performed version of this song I hear … it brings a tear. You are lucky to have your great sister close by….

  2. Don’t worry about not being able to post something when you’d hoped to do so. I reckon that all of us have these types of days but not many of us are willing to admit it.

  3. You’re sister is doing that for you? Remind her everyday of how cool she is!


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