“Someday I’ll Have It All” Delusion

Kings of Leon Because of the Times

Epiphany+Kings of Leon+Perfect Imagery=Having it "All"

I woke up over the weekend. I woke up to the fact that I have been deluded. Actually, I didn’t wake up to it- I just said that to make it dramatic. The truth is I was laying on a massage table getting the knots in my back worked out. Anyway, all of the sudden, I became incredibly aware that I have been living under a delusion. The reason I became aware of living under a delusion was because the thought “Someday, I’ll have it all.” crossed my mind. WHAT? Who told me that? Why in the world should I “have it all”? And, more importantly, what is the “all”?


Listen, it’s been an incredibly difficult week for me. And for the first time, the thought “Someday I’ll have it all” didn’t make it better. I realized um, hello, I probably won’t ever have it all. There will always be worries and frustrations and struggles. There will also always be laughter and smiles and winks. Maybe that’s what the “all” is. It’s everything. It’s the good, bad, and unimaginable. And we already have that. We always have that. So, there isn’t necessarily a “someday” there is a yesterday, today, and tomorrow- and they are filled with the “all”. Sure, there will be times when life is a suckfest. There will also be times when your life seems like day after day of bliss. It’s all the “all”. True story. You should listen to me because I had an existential crisis on a massage table- so you know, that’s like, legit.

Like I said, the thought “Someday I’ll have it all” didn’t make me feel better. But all the other thoughts after it did make me feel better. And maybe it should have had the opposite effect but I don’t think I need to remind you that I’m contrary. I have sort of odd and nonsensical responses to things. So, you know what? I’m going into today knowing that I have it “all”. Whether this day is good or bad or I get kidnapped or win the lottery (which would be weird because I don’t play the lottery) I had it “all” today. All the experience life could offer me today- I had it.

Anyone else ever had an epiphany on a massage table? Actually….don’t answer that, I feel like it could get inappropriate. Just tell me if you’ve realized anything about life lately- I don’t care where it happened.

Cheers to having it “all”! (If you have read this post today you should know what I mean by “all”. If you didn’t read this post, then you probably think I’m just being really cheerful and optimistic. So, either way, I think I look pretty good.)

12 thoughts on ““Someday I’ll Have It All” Delusion

  1. Hey… I love your post, it’s AWESOME, and you deserve every Like and positive comment you get. I wish more people would think like this…

  2. gringitack pointed me to you a while back and I’m going to have to thank her (again!) because I really enjoy your page.

    I have re-Pressed this from my page. Sorry it won’t drive any traffic but hopefully the thought counts. :)

    • The thought absolutely counts! I really appreciate it!!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Favourite post EVER.

    For your wisdom.

    And cos your insight occurred during a massage.

    Can I plug this page?

    P.S. I’m a massage therapist.

    • Yes please, plug this page to your hearts content! Also, do I get a free massage or like a coupon or something?

  4. Slowly …. everyday … you are becoming the blogging guru. Awesome. Maybe then you could perform Bollywood dances!

    I have my epiphanies either on the mountain that I drive everyday or in the shower.
    Wait stop … this could slowly become inappropriate!
    Great mystical and philosophical blog today. You have my wheels turning.

    • Thanks so much! I always love your comments! And, inappropriate or not, I do some of my best thinking in the shower. True story.

  5. Ok, this is out of character for me, but that’s Ok because you are all about the contrary. My recent epiphany: if I am not serving *somebody* on a pretty regular basis I will eventually become bored, frustrated, dissatisfied. So, I’ve done that latter part and now I’m trying to be more deliberate about the former part.

    Next time: back to my caustic observations, I promise. Because epiphany or no, things don’t change *that* much.

    • I think that is an excellent epiphany! And don’t worry, I won’t hold it against your caustic observations. :)


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