A Year In Books.

Zlata's Diary

Last week, I read Zlata’s Diary by  Zlata Filipović. Zlata kept a diary during the bombing of Sarajevo and it was because she kept this diary that she and her Mother and Father were able to eventually leave Sarajevo and escape the war. I think it’s an amazing testament to history and the power of the written word.

Zlata strikes me as an incredibly mature and articulate girl. Of course, now she is a grown woman with advanced degrees and a widely published and read book, but once upon a time when she was 11, she was stunningly well-spoken. Very impressive insights and such an innocent but realistic view of war. A diary is such a personal and intimate possession and sharing it takes a certain and special type of bravery. I can’t even imagine what she went through, all the fear, and hunger, and anxiety- all at the tender age of 11. Zlata is a very impressive human being. I don’t know that I would have held up so well as she and her family did.

One of the moments in the books that struck me the most was after her diary had been published in limited release. She was still living in Sarajevo, still hearing bombs and bullets on a daily basis, but people knew her. Journalists interviewed her, television crews filmed her, but despite her renown, she was still in danger every day. She mentions in her diary (the bit that was published later) that many of the people interviewing her compared her to Anne Frank. All she had to say to that was that she dearly hoped she wouldn’t share the same fate. Imagine that. Seriously, imagine living in a war zone and keeping a diary and then having people from all over the world (who actually had a chance to leave the city) tell you that you remind them of Anne Frank. Also, you’re 12. And Zlata handled it gracefully, maturely, and with a type of courage that boggles the mind.

Amazing. Simply amazing. This is an incredible read and I highly recommend it.

What have you guys been reading lately???

16 thoughts on “A Year In Books.

  1. I am still reading the first book in the wheel of time series. I have been stuck because of lack of time. You’d think that I would clear up time, but when I do this, it;s like the lack of time floods back in. Kinda like when you are making a sand castle, and you are digging a hole for wet sand, and the dry sand falls into the hole… that is what my time has been like lately. On the upside I am getting a lot of sun and my girls are happy that mum is playing with them. Perhaps I will save money on book AND on future therapy for my children. maybe.

    • No worries! Vitamin D is very important and if I could, I would be outside most days. Also, I’m sure you are preventing loads of therapy but, just in case you aren’t, I will be your children’s therapist and can tell them that none of their issues are your fault. Also, are you liking the Wheel of Time series?? I’ve not read it.

      • I think the book is good so far (only 300+ pages in) and the characters and story is pretty interesting. The language is really easy to understand as well, and since a lot of the realm seems on par with Tolkens middle earth the creatures etc are like a part of a fantasy-buff’s auto-knowledge. which I also like (because trying to figure out what the heck a particular monster is without knowing from other detail sometimes makes things harder to imagine).

      • You just have a share button. So I shared it … but I still like it. I don’t like to suppress!! I need to Express!!

      • Huh. I get emails saying someone “liked” my post. I will need to investigate….

  2. I definitely need to read this.

    But I’m still on Oliver Twist…

    • Finish Oliver and then read Zlata. Two completely different worlds.

    • You have the best taste in books. Another one added to my queue.

  3. I love your Monday posts. I love all your posts. In a completely non-stalkery way. Anyhoo… I just finished Slaughterhouse Five and am reading Hocus Pocus now.

    • Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. What did you think of Slaughterhouse Five???? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!


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