Thank You Drunk Guy Yelling From His Friends Car

Guy Yelling in a Car

What's the deal???

Listen. I was in downtown Austin last weekend with some of my friends, having a few laughs, catching up, meeting up with other friends, the usual. We were walking from one bar to the next when the following happened…

Drunk Guy Yelling From His Friends Car: Hey pretty lady in the red shirt! What’s the deal???

Me (wearing a red shirt): Awww. Thanks! That is much appreciated.

Drunk Guy: What’s the deal, baybay???

Me: You’re so sweet. Have a good night, be safe!

All my friends were laughing hysterically. I guess they had never heard someone respond to a drunk heckler like that. But, as I reminded them, he wasn’t just heckling me. He was heckle flattering me. Which is acceptable. He wasn’t yelling out anything lewd or inappropriate, he was just asking me “what the deal” was.

Well, kind drunkard, the deal is this: I appreciate you thinking I’m a “pretty lady” and more than that I love that you pronounce the word “baby” as “baybay”, to me that says you are clearly a creative and interesting person. And I especially appreciated your flattery because I was in a group full of couples and feeling a little lonesome, when you reminded me that, unlike my couple friends, I could totally hook-up with a stranger that night. Not that I would. But I could. And that made the evening a lot less lonesome. All of the sudden, I wasn’t flying solo because no one asked me out, I was flying solo because I chose to be flying solo. It made a world of difference. Perhaps your drunkeness makes you more insightful and you could tell by my walk I needed that little confidence boost. Or, perhaps, you were just severely drunk and looking to get you some. Either way, I appreciate what you did for me.

On the other hand, I am not an object and I do not appreciate being objectified. I realized this the next day. Sure, at the time, I was flattered, but the next day when my feminist senses had returned to me, I was infuriated (and still a little flattered). Perhaps, Mr. Drunkard, you have never heard the song ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC. Well let me break it down for you homie. ” I don’t want no scrub. A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me, hanging out the passenger side of his best friends ride trying to holla at me.” T-Boz, Chili, and Left Eye knew what was up and I suggest you learn as soon as possible. While I was very glad that your friend was driving, because you were entirely too drunk to be behind the wheel, hollering at me from the passenger side of his ride did not make the best first impression. You came off very scrub-like. In the future, here are some tips to make your attempts at figuring out “what the deal” is more successful.

1. Don’t holla at a lady in a moving vehicle. It makes you seem like a coward/scrub. Besides, what would your plan be if she seemed amenable to sharing “what the deal” is? You were in a moving vehicle, think about it. While I may enjoy the idea of drive-by flirting (being a flirtation failure myself), it really has no potential to go anywhere.

2. Approach a lady with respect. Introduce yourself. Offer to buy her a drink. Be friendly. Talk to her a bit and then ask “What’s the deal?” You can’t just straight approach a lady with “What’s the deal?” That’s foolishness.

3. Try not to yell.

4. Try not to be crazy drunk.

5. Maybe “What’s the deal?” isn’t the best line. You might want to try something else. Although, it did make me laugh, which is a good ice-breaker…..ummm…..just use your best discretion.

So, to sum everything up. I was flattered. I was infuriated. I laughed. I fumed. I hope I taught you a good lesson. Thank you drunk guy yelling from his friend’s car, if not for the flattery, then for giving me material for my blog. It is much appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Thank You Drunk Guy Yelling From His Friends Car

  1. Delayed response, I know, but I’ve been going backwards reading your posts and I had to comment on this one. Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud (yes, I chose not to use the acronym) with your TLC quote. I took my kids to see the Other Guys & I was the only crazy lady in the theatre laughing every time Michael Keaton’s dialog incorporated a TLC line.

    PS. I love your blog so hard. When my blog grows up, it wants to be yours.

    • My blog loves you back!! Thanks for appreciating the TLC reference, if it wouldn’t get me committed, I would only speak in lines from TLC songs.

  2. Nice post you gave me a good laugh. I think the guy is a cute drunk. For me a compliment from anyone any age is nice. I do like like your stipulation though but most drunk guys have more courage when they are drunk than sober. Not all but most.

    • Ah yes, liquid courage. It served this guy pretty well I think.

  3. If I had known it was you in the red shirt, I would never have been so disrespectful. You must understand red shirts drive me wild.

    And in my defense, I wasn’t hanging out the passenger side of my best friend’s ride. The driver was actually a guy I know from work, and although I consider him a friend, I wouldn’t place him in my top ten of best friends.

    By the way, you never answered my question: what’s the deal?

    • My mistake about your lowly ranked maybe friend. Also, if red shirts drive you wild, have you ever considered that you might be part bull? You may want to get tested.

      The deal is this: Your comments on my posts always crack me up. Well done you!

  4. Ha ha I love the reference to the song Scrub!!

    By definition, you found and pointed out a scrub! Good for you!

    If I man came up to me shouting Whats Your Deal… I think I would be freaked out wondering if it was his cat I just ran over (accidentally). Guilty consciences never go away!

    • Ah, you see, I don’t have a guilty conscious. Although it also helped that he prefaced “What’s your deal?” with “Hey pretty lady.” so I knew he wasn’t mad at me.

  5. At least he had good enough taste to let you know you’re someone to be admired…. too bad his delivery and tact were so gutter…

    I too, think you’re beautiful…I’m not drunk…I’m not yelling… lol…


  6. “he wasn’t just heckling me. He was heckle flattering me. Which is acceptable”

    LOLOLOLOL thank you for that, great way to start the day.

    Maria from

    • Anytime. I believe in always starting the day with a laugh. I heard it causes wrinkles but also that it might cure cancer. But probably not.


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