I May Have Gotten Stuck In A Wormhole.


Why do they have to be in high-heels?

Check-check-check-check it out. I flirted y’all. And not only did I flirt, I flirted successfully. My sudden onset of flirtation domination can only be a result of one of the following…

1. I got stuck in a wormhole.

2. I was possessed by a very sassy ghost.

3. I was possessed by a very sassy ghost while stuck in a wormhole.

4. I was drunk. (P.S. I wasn’t drunk)

5. Cupid punched me in the face and gave me a concussion.

So, what do you think? Where did my sudden skills at flirting come from? I’m open to other suggestions, but for my money, it was probably because of number 3. And I bet you all want me to give you the play-by-play of what happened but I’m keeping mum for now because I’m a lady and prefer not to publicize my romantic conquests on a blog.

Just kidding. I’m totally going to tell you guys what happened. Maybe. Not today but another day that has a “y” in it like “New Year’s Day” (now with a lot more “y”!)

20 thoughts on “I May Have Gotten Stuck In A Wormhole.

  1. The high heels are important because, really, there are just so, so many times when high heels are a practical, useful show to be wearing – especially at the beach – that it just makes sense to be wearing them all the time.

    Based on your writing, I am completely not shocked that you could flirt successfully.

    • Based on my writing, you should be shocked that I’ve ever even talked to a guy. ;)

  2. Aw, man! I wish I could somehow take credit for this. All I’m thinking about is how I DO think high heels are sexy, and how you better share this story in a day that ends in “omorrow”.

    • Yeah. I’m probably going to leave you guys in suspense for a while. ;)

  3. Howdy darling thanks for following me on Twitter, I am also MerryPranksters.

  4. Maybe all your previous flirtation failures have been the practice you need to become a flirtation pro!

    I’m pretty sure this means you’re now a pro flirter. Congratulations!

    (The next thing you may need to practice is choosing between Boy A and Boy B.)

  5. I don’t believe it. This is why there is no story on it – because it didn’t happen. Or it was all a dream and once the hottie took off his energy mask it wasn’t that great a story anymore. You were totally asleep – weren’t you?!

    • Actually, it *did* happen. I can’t decide if I’m offended you don’t believe me or really really proud that you know me so well just from reading my blog because it would be just like me to have dreamed the whole thing.

      • I would choose not to be offended, simply because I think you’re pretty awesome. Just looking for clarification… still, this has GotC dream written ALL over it. lol…

  6. 6. You were wearing ridiculously high heels.
    7. You were wearing hot pink or very red lipstick.
    8. You were being witty and/or sarcastic, and it came out as flirtation.

    • 6. Nope.
      7. How did you know?? Bright pink. :)
      8. Well, I’ll admit, I was maybe being a little bit witty.


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