That Kid Had Mad Game

So, I’m at the grocery store buying gummi-worms and apples (true story) and I’m feeling a little blue (as in sad, not as in Avatar) and I’m waiting in the check out line and there is this little kid waiting in line in front of me with his Mom. He turns around and give me a shy smile so I give him my best happy smile but not too happy because then he might think I’m one of the strangers that rhyme with danger. I guess my happy but not too happy smile was perfect because he lets go of his Mother’s hand, takes a step or two towards me and says “You’re prettier than a pretty pretty princess.”

And THAT is how you compliment a lady. Take note fellas.

41 thoughts on “That Kid Had Mad Game

    • He’s already so charming, I can’t imagine him getting even more charming.

  1. Okay, now you’ve gone and done it. I actually got a little verklempt over that.

    • She just laughed and called him a “flirt”. I’m guessing he says that to all the girls….

  2. And that, Alex, I will take for $100 over a ma’am anyday……gotta love the bebes……..

  3. The princess so nice they described her twice. Heck yeah.

    Too bad the cashier from your feminine product trip wasn’t there to learn a lesson.

  4. I’m taking notes and making a review outline. To recap: “pretty pretty princess”: good. The Jump-Rope Method: good. Disguising oneself as Christian Bale: very good. Commenting on a person’s medical buying choices: bad.

  5. That is super cute :)

    i had that happen a few weeks ago with a little girl at Kira’s school. She just walked by me and said “you’re so pretty”!! Totally made my day :)

  6. Man he stole my best line…. this always happens… now no matter what I say it will be a sorry guilted you into it lame attempt!

    • I didn’t but if he had asked me for $100, I would have gladly given it. Hell, I probably would have offered him my car if he wanted it.

  7. That is so sweet. Kids say the darndest things. And I agree with you. Take notes fellas.


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