15% Off Y’all!


So, I’m shopping with my friend Mary yesterday and one of the male salespeople walks up to me and then this happened. For real y’all.

Salesperson: Just so you know, everything in the store is 40% off. 

Me: Oh! Thanks!

Salesperson: And in case you were wondering, I’m 15% off or best offer. (winks at me)

Me: Well. Ok. Good to know? 

It’s pretty obvious that is one of the best pick-up lines of all time. Certainly not the most effective, but definitely awesome. As soon as he walked away, I walked over to Mary and was like “Yes! This guy just wrote a blog for me.”

And *that’s* why you go shopping.

28 thoughts on “15% Off Y’all!

    • Certainly unique. But I think you’re kind of limited to working retail if you’re going to use it.

  1. I’d have loved to have encountered a pick up line like that! In fact, I would have loved to get any sort of pick up line! hehe! It is pretty original..and he didn’t value himself too low either..so that must be something good ;)

  2. HAHAHAHA! That was great! It’s so nice to see a guy actually take the initiative to pursue someone they like. Guys can be so mysterious sometimes, and never find the courage to express how they feel (but yes there are always the exceptions). Were you interested in him at all and did you continue talking with him or did you just leave after shopping?! That must have been a good day!

    • I wasn’t really interested, but I certainly applaud his bravado. He walked away right after he said it, so I just kept on shopping.

  3. That’s hi-larious! It’s the “or best offer” that gets me laughing. It may be cheesy, but you gotta give a guy credit for just trying.

  4. I never had the, uh…. courage, to throw out lines like that when I was single. I wish I had, but I was never good at the walk up and just start talking thingie. It all worked out for the best, though.

    Mrs. Paladin picked me up as a Scratch and Dent Special. I was a “fixer-upper” and over the years she’s managed to make me almost presentable in civilized company.

    Almost :)

  5. What does that mean that he’s 15% off? Like off his rocker? Off his best game? You’ll have tay for 85% of he services?

    • Hmmm. He had pretty good hair and smelled quite nice so my guess would be either IQ or manners.

  6. Everything that happens in life is a blog post…this is brilliant and yet ewww at the same time. :-)

  7. And now that you’ve used him up for your own selfish purposes … what?

    In the 21st century simply being ignored or rejected is not the worst thing that can happen. It may also become a point of entertainment for people on multiple continents. Admittedly … the awesomeness of that is not lost on me.

    • Somehow, I don’t think he”ll mind. And by that, I mean, I highly doubt he’ll ever even know.

  8. Please tell me you bargained with him. 15%?!?!? Make it 25%!!!
    Shoes and some lovely dresses!!!

  9. Really?! That’s a winning pick-up line?!

    Apparently the delivery added a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to it.

    (Salesperson could have gotten his butt fired for that, by the way.)


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