I Married The Right Person.

While shopping for furniture…

Me: These solid brass doorstops have mice on them! 

Captain Thoughtful: Obviously we’re getting them. 

Me: And these lamps have giraffes!

Captain Thoughtful: Put them in the cart right now. Right. Now. They’re going home with us. 

Me: This crib is only $50. 

Captain Thoughtful: $50? Why? Was it made by babies? 

Me: I married the right person. 


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30 thoughts on “I Married The Right Person.

  1. Lucky you, you get door handles with mice on! ^^ naw, but really seems you found a good one :) Congratz on that

  2. I can’t believe I haven’t been on your blog for so long, so I didn’t knew you got married by now. Wow. Congratulations! He sound like the right guy for you, I hope your biological clock will be satisfied soon too :)

  3. You should test him. See how far he goes. Example: Ooh, that cliff looks nice to jump off!

  4. I feel like your disabling of the like option is a trick to get us all to comment more… which is apparently working.

  5. Haha :) I would have bought them too! Even more so if they’d had penguins on them! I am new to reading your blog but I love it already! I think there is too few humor blogs that are worth reading. (Yours is by the way) I would love to have a funny blog but I’m having a hard time figuring out WordPress. (I have a blogspot but I think I might move over officially) Do you have any tips?

  6. Aww, I love this. It sounds like you certainly did marry the right person. :)

  7. I want one!

    And obviously, by one I mean “a person of awesome”–not doors stops, lamps, or cribs. But those are nice, too.

    • You will find your person of awesome! I can tell.

      In the meantime, find some fun doorstops. :)

  8. Funny how this realization sneaks up on us at the oddest of times :)

  9. I’ve lost your like button again so I have to make my own:

    [Like * ]


  10. Bhahahaha! Well played by your husband – that’s awesome.


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