I’m Not The Nerd Here.

Me: Captain Thoughtful! This puppy is perfect for us!!! I want him!

Captain Thoughtful: Oh yeah. I like him!

Me: I’m going to name him Legolas!

Captain Thoughtful: Nice. That’s perfect, I’ll call him “Lego”.  (This guy I married loves Legos)

Me: Lego? You’re such a nerd.

Captain Thoughtful: Yes. That’s right. I’m the nerd.

Do NOT call me "Lego"

Do NOT call me “Lego”


Sad ending to the story, Legolas was already adopted by the time we inquired and his new owners called him Waldo. A sad story indeed.

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23 thoughts on “I’m Not The Nerd Here.

  1. We had the same thing happen. We were actually meeting the dog in the play area. When we went to put him back in his cage and start the paperwork, there was a sign on it that said “adopted.” I was sad. The hunt continues. No puppies for us, though.

  2. This conversation is gold! Did anyone say perfect match? I think they did.

  3. But. But. But. Does this mean you’re in the market for a dog?! *squee* I’ve heard a LOT of people have success adopting / finding a good dog ‘match’ via PetFinder.com.

  4. Oh dear, do you know where Waldo is?

    Hold your applause and eyerolls please, I’m here all night.

  5. We used to have a large cutout of Legolas when I was in college. This brings back good memories!

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