Be A Lifehacker- On A Diet.

Last Thursday driving to work, I had to follow this for about 10 miles




It’s a gyro truck. Basically, I was drooling all over myself by the time I got to work, even though it was in the morning and then all I could think about was gyros all day.

Someone, or something is mocking this diet of mine.

15 thoughts on “Be A Lifehacker- On A Diet.

  1. Think of it this way, you were tempted and you were able to pass through the temptation. You did not give in despite the 10 miles you did not ram the back of the truck and force them to make you gyros for a lifetime. You did not pull off the road and find the nearest gyro.

    You win. You simply need to see this in perspective.

  2. Mistress of accurate minor pain,
    Lend wit for forbearance, prideless Jane.

    (from “Private and Profane” by Marie Ponset)

  3. ” You mock my pain.”
    “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
    -Buttercup and Westley, The Princess Bride.

  4. Or you could have just passed the truck, and count it as passing a gyro.

    • I *could* have done that. But, I chose to drive behind and drool….

  5. Story of my life. Any time I attempt to eat healthy and maybe drop a few pounds, something delicious practically falls in my lap.

      • I wish I knew. And I wish I knew why cheesecakes and pastries must be so damn delicious.

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