Another Chili Cheese Burrito Find

You  might all remember my Great Chili Cheese Burrito quest and that I finally found a Taco Bell in Ft. Worth, TX that served them. Happy was the day that my quest ended in victory!

Well, thank my lucky stars that the victories didn’t end there. While in Ohio, Captain Thoughtful, his parents (Dr. Mom and Coach Dad), and I went to a Taco Bell. Full disclosure, I was there to try Lorena Garcia’s new quesadilla, but I didn’t get the fancy new quesadilla on the menu, no, I had a CHILI CHEESE BURRITO. Actually, I had 3. Because the Taco Bell in Ashland, Ohio serves them.

This is the face of a happy quester.


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30 thoughts on “Another Chili Cheese Burrito Find

  1. Well colour me surprised. I thought all Taco Bells discontinued the chili cheese burrito. Good to know that’s not the case. I will be on the look out for sure now.

    • It can be very tasty, you just have to order the right things. :)

    • Sometimes they don’t have them on the menu, but if you ask, they’ll make you one.

  2. Quoting the world’s most wise and famous chihuahua: Yo quiero taco bell! :P

  3. It’s always such a win to find that food that you love! Your post made me think about how I hadn’t seen Taco Bell in Australia in a while (since the Sydney 2000 Olympics to be exact) so I did a bit of a google on it to find out if they still existed. Apparently they were ordered to change the name here due to a established business having a very similar name and they pulled out of Australia in 2005. :(

    On a side note in Australia spanish is not a common language here so I always giggle internally when someone orders a Ques-a-dill-a as opposed to a ke-sa-di-ya (please excuse my phonetic spelling but hopefully you get the point). Admittedly until I had spent 3 months travelling South America I didn’t know how to say it properly either. :)

    • Too bad about Taco Bell’s in Australia – are there any other taco options? I don’t know if I could live somewhere without taco options.

      • We have a lot of general chains that aren’t too great. There are more and more individual stores opening though so that’s always great!

  4. It’s nice to see a woman that understands the draw of the culinary genius that is Taco Bell. There’s nothing better than a soft, warm and gooey burrito. Eat a few for me and follow with a Choco-Taco chaser.

  5. ” If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” -Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit.

  6. Yum! Even in the Mexican Capital of the World, I still crave Taco Bell.

  7. Aaah :)

    I think this will be the perfect medicine to help cure the blogging blues.


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