Here Is A Thought On A Friday

Me: Ugh. It smells like skunk. Are there skunks in Maui? I feel like there shouldn’t be….

Mom Contrary: Umm…take another whiff there kiddo. That’s marijuana. Not a skunk. 

Me: Oh! Hahahaha! I mean, that has to be a win for you as a parent though, right? That I didn’t immediately recognize the smell of weed? Congratulations to you. 

Mom Contrary: Good point. Thanks. 

25 thoughts on “Here Is A Thought On A Friday

  1. I’m from New Zealand, we are a blissfully skunk-free nation. When I first moved to Vancouver I mistakenly thought real skunk was marijuana on a number of occasions. Mind you, Vancouver is a pretty THC friendly city, so there was a lot of the actual weed smell happening as well. I guess it’s not coincidence there’s a whole strain of marijuana called “skunk weed”.

    • Haha – I could totally play it off and say that I meant it was “skunk weed”. Thanks! :)

  2. Um. Okay. That’s a new one. A skunk. I believe your mom wins there though. :3

    • Hahaha! She did, but I’m pretty sure it’s just from years of making sure *I* didn’t smell like that. :)

  3. Teenaged kids should take note of this, because it is an absolutely brilliant way to conceal your drug familiarity from your parents. But, what does it say about Mom Contrary?

    Also, Maui!! I’m guessing by your “skunk” interaction that you may have stumbled your way into Paia/Haiku/Hana? And, if you didn’t, I recommend taking a stumble in that direction.

    • You’re welcome teenagers. :)

      We did make it to Paia and Hana, but I smelled the skunk in Lahaina. :)

  4. bahahaha!!! I was just like that when I moved up to the pacific northwest! The whole time I thought it was a skunk and then my husband…after about three months, kindly corrected me.

  5. The same thing happened to my dad and sister in Colorado – except it was the other way around:
    Dad: Ugh there are a lot of dead skunks around here.
    Sister: Uh, dad. That’s weed.
    Dad: How do you know that?

  6. Yup. I used to do that regularly when I lived in Chicago with my husband. Not embarrassing at all.

  7. Similar moments have happened between me and my parents. They should be thoroughly satisfied with their parenting- after they’re done laughing at me…

    • Haha – yeah there is always quite a bit of laughter before the pride sets in. :)


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