North Carolina

For the first book of my 50 state book resolution, I chose “Roanoke -Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony” by Lee Miller.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 6.59.07 PM


Even if you don’t like non-fiction, you would love this book. It reads like a mystery. Probably because it is one, although, after reading this, it’s a bit less of one. I thought this book was outstanding. I couldn’t put it down once I started it and I kept exclaiming things like:

“I can’t believe Fernandez betrayed them!”


“I knew Sir Francis Walsingham would play into this….”

Those poor colonists. They got caught in a web they didn’t weave. Also, poor Captain Thoughtful, because I kept interrupting him from his book to talk about everything that was happening in this book.

If you have an interest in long unsolved mysteries or early American history or English history, or really if you like to read at all, you should read this book. I highly recommend it.


9 thoughts on “North Carolina

  1. Maaaan, this book challenge is a fabulous idea! I may have to join you in this. The mystery of the Roanoke colony has always fascinated me. :)

    • You should! It’s my favorite kind of resolution. And also, this book is awesome! :)


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