14 thoughts on “It’s A Delicious Cycle

  1. Charlotte says:

    I try to compensate, If I eat a jar of peanut butter in a sitting I only have letucce for dinner, you know that kind of thing.

  2. kawaii lover says:

    Reblogged this on Hannah114289 and commented:
    Ha ha. Me, like, everyday.

  3. Properly Ridiculous says:

    STORY OF MY LIFE!! (And my husbands.)
    This morning I emailed him at 8:07AM and told him we needed to make a healthy dinner…which was later followed up by another email before afternoon hit that said, “Changed my mind…I want Taco Bell. I need some Chili Cheese Burritos up in my life”…
    To which he responds…”I was thinking Fish Fry.”
    Maybe tomorrow we will start being healthy (again…for 2 days tops).

  4. essbee14 says:

    Ha – truth. Our convo sometimes includes a plan to justify current choices: I” think we should order in Chinese take-out tonight. And then totally start working out on Monday.” (And repeat).

  5. Anandee says:

    We have pizza every Friday!! I think it’s the most complete meal :) I think it has something from each food group!! It’s all healthy!! :)

  6. Michael says:

    “Food, glorious food!
    Eat right through the menu.
    Just loosen your belt
    Two inches and then you
    Work up a new appetite.
    In this interlude —
    The food,
    Once again, food
    Fabulous food,
    Glorious food!”

  7. Dana says:

    Just put mushrooms and black olives on the pizza, that’ll make it healthy! :)

  8. Valentine Logar says:

    Pizza is healthy so long as there are veggies on it. I am sure of this.

  9. Cathy746books says:

    I have this exact conversation at my house on a weekly basis ;)

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