I Have A Huge Bruise On My Leg Because AMERICA.

I met up with a bunch of friends on Sunday to watch the US match against Portugal. I was feeling excited because we beat Ghana (and we never had before) but also nervous because Portugal…(Ronaldo). So, when we scored our second goal for the lead, I couldn’t help but leap up from my seat – what I failed to take into account in my celebration was the table that was directly in my way. I am now sporting a very large and unsightly bruise on my leg because AMERICA.

If that isn’t patriotism then I don’t know what is.

Of course, Portugal tied it up in the final seconds. I think my bruise hurts a little more because of that, but my spirit remains unbroken.



18 thoughts on “I Have A Huge Bruise On My Leg Because AMERICA.

  1. happygogetter says:

    I spilled a beer in my excitement…when Ronaldo came on the screen. Not the goals or anything :) Hope your Victory Wound feels better!

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Haha! It is healing nicely, just in time for our match tomorrow. :)

  2. Lorna's Voice says:

    It’s exciting to see Americans get interested in a sport other than football or baseball or golf. I love soccer, but I don’t have any bruises to remind of that great game…

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      It has been getting a lot of coverage which is awesome. I have always been quite the soccer fan myself. :)

  3. John S says:

    That was so painful for the USA! Ronaldo showed his class in those last seconds with that cross. Good luck in last game, but Germany will be hard to get anything from. Draw at best.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Agreed. I’m hoping we can just have a nice picnic on the pitch with the Germans and amicably agree to a draw. :)

  4. spincyclediaries says:

    Hi there…while I’m sure you’ve received this many times, I really enjoy reading your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster though you have MILLIONS of followers!! http://spincyclediaries.com/2014/06/23/lets-relate-spincycle-country/

  5. Michael says:

    “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!” The President, “Independence Day.”

  6. Dana says:

    Whenever I see or hear the word Ghana, I can’t stop myself from saying under my breath: (ree-ah!) I know; I’m off.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      You know, I’ve never thought of that myself. Now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to un-think it. ;)

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