Dobby Is A Good And Free Elf!

While introducing my cousins to the Harry Potter movies…

Bomb-dignity cousin: Is Dobby evil?

Me: WHAT? No. Dobby is good.

Spiderwoman cousin: But does he become evil?

Me: Dobby is a good and free elf! He is never evil – only good and free!

(Realizes we are only at the very beginning of The Chamber of Secrets)

Me: Oh. Uh. Spoiler alert: Dobby gets freed.

Also, for the record, my cousins chose their own pseudonyms for the blog. Shout out to Bomb-diggity and Spiderwoman!

15 thoughts on “Dobby Is A Good And Free Elf!

  1. To introduce people to the world of Harry Potter and NOT accidentally spoil a few things would be impossible for any Harry Potter lover. Hahaha Loving your blog so far.

  2. You are a great cousin for the introduction to Harry Potter. Happy to see your entire family must take after your grandmother.

  3. You are now an AWESOME COUSIN for showing them Harry Potter! :D

    • And, for the record, that girl is the bomb-diggity so it’s an accurate nickname. :)


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