Kids Are Smart

Last night, Captain Thoughtful and I took a long walk because it has come to my attention that “Drinking a lot of red wine, but doing nothing else, will not prevent heart disease.” Whatever doc, just because you went to medical school doesn’t mean you get to tell my heart how to be healthy. The heart wants what it wants – which, in my case is red wine.  Anyway, we’re on this walk and a Dad and his son are sitting on their front porch. The Dad says “Why don’t you say hi son?” and his son, this brilliant possibly psychic kid says “No. They’re weird.”

He’s not wrong folks.

20 thoughts on “Kids Are Smart

  1. Hahaha! This had me laughing out loud, by myself, outside on my porch. I’m pretty sure I’d be considered the “weird one” at the moment! Without it, where would my personality be! Loved this Day in the Life of story! :) You’re great!

  2. This is brilliant. My heart also shares a deep passion for wine. Who’s to tell it that what it wants is unhealthy?? Screw them (:

  3. Maybe he was psychic, or maybe he was uneasy about that giant red wine stain on your shirt.

  4. A medical professional once told me that it would take about 12 bottles of red wine to actually benefit your heart. I think the statement was meant as a deterrent, but I was all…”CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

  5. Don’t worry, the boy will grow up, start enjoying red wine, reminisce about the weird couple he saw walking and wonder if he too should start walking off the wine. Give it time.


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