My Phone Is Trolling Me

The other day, I kept trying to text “run” and my auto-correct kept changing it to “rum”. Which, at first I thought was hilarious because I was like “My phone knows me so well! I never run but I am all about that rum!” But then I thought, “Wait a minute – is my phone trolling me? Is it trying to tell me that I don’t exercise enough and that it can’t even conceive of a situation where I would intend to write “run” instead of “rum”?”

You know what phone? Maybe you forgot that I also have a fitness app on you – that I regularly use.  If you paid attention, you would know that I *do* work out. I do. A lot. Maybe you don’t think Pilates is equal to running but some of us have a bad knee because we were in a terrible car accident so its painful to run. How about that phone? You look like a real b-hole now.


21 thoughts on “My Phone Is Trolling Me

  1. came across your blog.. hilarious! My previous Iphone continued to auto correct the word “life” to “Netflix and Food.” That would be about the time I started going to the gym… Thanks Iphone.

  2. I love that my phone anticipates what I want to text, but it does get me angry when I have an odd word that it just won’t let me put in–like a name or something. I thought the phone was supposed to be smart!

  3. You know who else can’t run well and has an affinity for rum? Captain Jack Sparrow. (Seriously, have you seen how he runs?)

  4. My phone pulls that crap ALL THE TIME. And I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to type the eff word before it figures out that, no, I DO NOT mean ducking!

  5. Haha! I think you may be reading a little to deep into the rum/rum debacle, but hey–you need to set boundaries early on or your phone will walk all over you.

    On my android I had Skyvi (however that’s spelled) and she actually threatened me. Granted I said a few things myself, just for fun you know… But sill…I’ve tried to get the same response from Siri but she’s not much for conversation…

  6. If I actually had a phone, I could write about stuff like this, but unfortunately I can’t. Great post though!

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