Don’t Let ESPN Fool You

Y’all. ESPN will try and trick you into thinking it’s only about sports and sport related news. While this might be technically true, do NOT let them fool you. Right in between showing a repeat of some college football bowl game and a new Big 12 basketball game, they will put in a segment about something really sweet and touching and you will start sobbing because it’s so sweet and who knew that ESPN would make you cry? You just wanted to watch basketball but now you have run out of tissues and your eyes are red and swollen and you can’t stop crying because of the precious kiddo with a life threatening illness that a college football team took under their wing and that kiddo has a huge smile on his face because he got to run in a touchdown and the whole team is crying and the kiddo is happy and WHERE ARE ALL THESE TEARS COMING FROM AND HOW DO YOU TURN THEM OFF???? Y’all, don’t let ESPN fool you like that.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Let ESPN Fool You

  1. I know, right, but I must confess, I am a fan! The only reason I have cable! 😋🏈🏀

  2. “Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. ” -Charles Dickens.

  3. Haha :) Sports will sort of touch you in it’s own dramatic way and contains emotional ingredients. It’s true !

  4. I think it’s marketing genius on ESPN’s part. Not only do they have a nation full of men watching, now they’re pandering to the wives! “Oh, honey, don’t change the channel yet! ESPN’s got this really neat story coming on after the commercial!” Can’t you just see the execs high-fiving each other?

  5. Haha I look foward to these commercials just because I hate watching sports when my boyfriend has it on but i definitely feel your pain!


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