History Is Fun! (And Also Why I Can Never Go Back To Starbucks)

Not too long ago, I was at a Starbucks on a coffee run. Then this happened.

Cashier: Your total is $10.66

Me: 1066! The Norman invasion! Battle of Hastings!

Cashier: No.

Me: Actually, yes.

Cashier: Sorry, I meant I don’t care.

Me: Ok then.

So, I can’t ever go back to that Starbucks again. Not because I am ashamed, but because I can’t stand to be served coffee by someone who wasn’t remotely interested in my random and all too enthusiastic historical outbursts. There are just too many random dates/names/places/people floating around in my head for me not to occasionally (aka all the time) drop some history on unsuspecting persons. Also, don’t mention my name at the Quiznos by Lake Travis, I once got into a pretty heated argument about Anne Boleyn there.

66 thoughts on “History Is Fun! (And Also Why I Can Never Go Back To Starbucks)

  1. mcleanmorgana says:

    History is the best thing to just drop in the middle of an irrelevant conversation! It’s the cashier’s fault for not having a sense of humor even if she doesn’t know what you were talking about. Cheers to you, though!

  2. Megan says:

    Stumbling on things that make you want more is the best. Thanks for writing. I’ve missed the blogging world.

  3. girlwiththeunwrittenbook says:

    Reblogged this on Girl-with-the-unwritten-book and commented:
    Too funny!

  4. Sheila Rogers says:

    Just discovered your blog. Love your style. Love history. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. The False Prophet says:

    I would probably have difficulties with the fact that somebody isn’t even remotely interested in a little bit of British culture and history. Luckily for you there are better and cheaper places than Starbucks. I am going to say something that many people will propbaly hate me for… Starbuck is overrated. Any self-respecting coffee-loving human being should avoid going to a place like that. Have a prophet- able day – The False Prophet

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      No hate! Everyone has different tastes. I actually prefer a local coffee shop here in Lincoln myself. :)

  6. Jason says:

    In defense of the barista: maybe he was really thrown off by what you said? If I had to do that job all day and someone as enthusiastic about history as you are came along I would be thrown off too. On the other hand, I’d also be the one keeping myself entertained by coming up with “meanings” for the different prices too. Because that job is BORING. 😊 in conclusion…go you for educating someone about history, even though he didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as you or I would.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      I too was once a barista so I totally get he might have just been caught off guard. No hard feelings! :)

  7. loozerina says:

    Reblogged this on Let it be and commented:
    happens wayy to often to not reblog

  8. Dagny says:

    I’m glad you warned me. I shan’t mention you name there… what was it, Quiznos by Lake Travis? No, I shall not.

    Kind of you really.

    Sent from My Blackberry® @ Tata Docomo

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      So I guess calling him “William the Bastard” could be more than a remark on his parentage. ;)

  9. ddupre315 says:

    Wow, so much for customer service eh? They should at least pretend to care.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Right? Isn’t why am I paying ridiculous prices for coffee? So my barista will care?

      1. ddupre315 says:

        Something like that. It’s one thing Japan has mastered, the art of customer service. I’ll forever respect the Japanese culture for that alone if nothing else. They take immense pride in their work.

  10. AbigailsWardrobe says:

    Love it! Would enjoy even more reading the Anne Boleyn story :)

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Ah, that one is a long one and not funny at all. Although, I guess the fact that I got so passionate defending Anne Boleyn is in itself a bit comical.

  11. Linda Tharp says:

    Some people just don’t get it! I still remember my girls’ French class room number from when they were in high school (youngest is now 26): 214. Who wouldn’t think of Valentine’s Day?!

  12. Michael says:

    The Doctor: “Who am I to argue with history?
    Rose: Usually the first in line.
    “Doctor Who.”

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      As much as I love all the companions who came after, I miss Rose so much.

      1. Michael says:

        I’m a Donna fan myself, unless you count the Companion that was in the Comic Relief special where Mr. Bean played the Doctor. But Rose is classic. I just finished with the Tenth Doctor; I haven’t started Eleven yet. I’m sure Matt Smith will be good, but David Tennant was brilliant.

      2. girlonthecontrary says:

        Matt Smith is brilliant! I always have a bit of a difficult time adjusting to new doctors and companions but I have yet to really dislike any of them.

  13. ustabe says:

    I hope you didn’t leave a tip! (Maybe it would have gone over better if you had been near the Oklahoma campus instead of UNL.)

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Hahaha! Actually, I was in Texas when this happened. UT has a lot of explaining to do….

  14. beautifuldisaster305 says:

    I can’t believe he/she said that they don’t care…how rude!

  15. tlcombs says:

    The struggle is real. My phone number ends in 1944 and nobody finds that quite as magical as I do! What is wrong with the world?

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      That is most excellent! We have to keep hope alive and history facts flowing!

  16. Jessie Reyna says:

    Hah! I would have been very impressed if graced by your historical outbursts.

  17. ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏʀᴋ ᴍɪɴᴜᴛᴇ says:

    1066 Daily ChainMail Headline:
    “King Harold blames eye infection on illegal immigrants.”

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      THIS. MADE. MY. DAY. (And also made me choke on my toast from laughing)

      1. ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏʀᴋ ᴍɪɴᴜᴛᴇ says:

        Make someone laugh. Check.
        Make someone choke. Check.

        My day’s work is done.

      2. girlonthecontrary says:

        What a productive day you’ve had! Thrilled to have been a part of your success. :)

  18. mommyreviewer1 says:

    I think we could be friends.. Not because I am a history buff (I’m not), but just because this is HILARIOUS!

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Awwww! Although, if you are my friend you have to hear this kind of thing a LOT. I suspect it gets annoying…

  19. Mike Kuplevatsky says:

    Lol. I would have laughed. Some people aren’t all enthusiastic, I hate that. It just kills the vibe. Sure, not everyone will be interested in history, I’m not — but I like dorky things like that and would have laughed. Sorry Starbucks, you just lost a cool customer.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Thanks! It would have been nice just to get a dork sympathy laugh. :)

  20. Apricots and Cream says:

    😊 because I can’t “like” your posts I’m gonna give you a smiley ;)

  21. Taswegian1957 says:

    I think that cashier was quite rude actually. I mean doesn’t everyone think “Battle of Hastings” when the number 1066 comes up?

  22. Dennis Wagoner says:

    I still can’t comprehend someone spending $10.66 for a cup of coffee that is worth about 20¢.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      It was actually several coffees but your point is still valid. I make my coffee at home now. :)

      1. Dennis Wagoner says:

        Nice! Oh, and I forgot to say that the Battle of Hastings reference was a great one except, presumably, if you were King Harold. I am a descendant of Harold’s father, King Edward the Confessor.

      2. girlonthecontrary says:

        I think it’s amazing that you know you’re descended from King Edward the Confessor! I have a funny feeling if I dug into my ancestry I might find a court jester….

      3. Dennis Wagoner says:

        If roughly 35 million other ancestors in front of me in line get knocked off, I am ready to accept my crown.

  23. ouidepuis1 says:

    Good on ya. Real curious about the Anne Boleyncident (… couldn’t help myself …)

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Boleyncident is my favorite thing that has happened all week. Long story short, I defended Anne to someone who I can only assume is a descendent of Thomas Cromwell.

    1. girlonthecontrary says:

      Ditto! It makes me happy. Maybe that barista was just having a bad day…

  24. girlmeetsherself says:

    I also cannot help but think of the battle of hastings when 1066 is mentioned! I thought I was the only one haha

  25. charlottescornerblog says:

    I feel weirdly connected with you right now. This happens to me way too often!

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