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What I’ve Given Up -or- Happy Lent!

So, it’s Ash Wednesday and therefore the first day of my 40 day period of self-denial. This year I am focusing on the things that I indulge in that are bad for me. Soda, Chips, and Perez Hilton. Originally I was just going to go without soda and Perez Hilton but my Dad pointed out [...]

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Short Story Daydreams

Lately, very few of my daydreams have been about me. I might have some vague notion of myself as the lead character but mostly I have been daydreaming short stories that have no relation to my life whatsoever. It’s a new thing for me. I like it. The older I get, the less bound by [...]

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Never is an awfully long time.

I live a large part of my life in daydreams. So occasionally my reality is tainted by my imagination and I am always completely stunned at the contrariness of the two. My imagined life is extraordinarily extraordinary, my real life is quiet and ordinary, not bad certainly and happy definitely, but inevitably less than imagined. [...]

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