The Last Musical Revolution Post

Well, at least, it’s the last Musical Revolution post on this blog. I’ve decided to give Musical Revolution the platform it deserves- it’s own blog complete with 5 posts a week, no subscribers, and low readership.  Smells like a fresh start. The Revolution will continue, oh yes, it will. Just not on Be A Lifehacker.

The new Musical Revolution blog is called Musical Revolutionary . Please visit it. Keep the Musical Revolution alive!

Reason number 123 you should join the Musical Revolution: Love songs. Call them corny but people love to fall in love to them.

Even though I’m not all that amped for the Royal Wedding, I thought I would give those two crazy kids a wink and a nod the Be A Lifehacker way, with my favorite love song of all time.

Stand By Me

What’s your favorite love song?

Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster

Reason number 127 to join the Musical Revolution: It’s the only revolution where you *probably* won’t be brutally murdered.

So, I have the proverbial “ant in my pants” waiting for the ACL line-up to come out in the next few weeks. My heart skips a beat every time I hear people conjecturing over who may or may not be playing. As for me, I have a dream. A dream ACL line-up. This Musical Revolution post is dedicated to my top 6 (openers and headliners) for the 3 day festival of Musical Revolution also known as Austin City Limits. I pray the ACL gods are reading this.


Dizzee Rascal

Florence + The Machine


Ellie Goulding

Lil Wayne


Mumford & Sons

Kings of Leon

My dream may seem unattainable but I have faith- at least for a few more weeks until the line-up is released. And this list is by no means comprehensive of the bands I’m hoping play at ACL this year, I’ve got my fingers crossed for many, many more. C’mon ACL gods, don’t fail me now.

What are the acts you’re dying to see this year??

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Also- I’m thinking about starting an entire Musical Revolution blog. Thoughts fellow revolutionaries????

Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster
Reason 222 to join the musical revolution: Because I said so.

As we all know, I am on a never-ending search for new music. Doesn’t matter what genre, I just want to surround myself with truly brilliant music. Luckily, I am never disappointed in this search. This week, I am featuring some of my favorite new musical discoveries. The Musical Revolution continues….

The Civil Wars

I bought this entire album immediately after having heard this song. It didn’t disappoint. Buy this album immediately. As the leader of this revolution, I insist you obey.

The Tallest Man Alive

Big thanks to @GregJames (BBC Radio1 DJ) who introduced this to the world via Twitter. It’s things like this that make me really love social media.

Bombay Bicycle Club

Love this band so much. They have been headlining my stereo for months now.

Click on the link. Ok- so I discovered the music of Santigold ages ago (like 2008…) but this is her new single with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I am LOVING IT! She is an epic artist. Get on board people- this is MUSICAL REVOLUTION.

Let me know what some of your favorite new musical discoveries are. If I’m down, they will definitely be featured here. Let’s spread the music people!!!

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I Didn’t Steal Your Camera Yo!

Kings of Leon

Last nights Kings of Leon concert was beyond epic. What’s beyond epic you may ask? Oh don’t worry, I created a word for it. The Kings of Leon concert was colossepical (that’s colossal+epic). You’re welcome English language.

The nights only hiccup was an incident I am going to henceforth refer to as “The Bitchface incident”. During the encore- which was colossepical, and specifically during “Closer” which is one of my favorite KOL songs, the girl in front of us turned around and demanded our attention. That alone would have irked me seeing as I was basking in musical splendor at the moment, but she didn’t stop there. The following account is a true story.

Camera of the future??? (P.S. This is NOT what her camera looked like)

Bitchface: Umm, excuse me! Someone stole my camera.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Oh. We’re sorry.

Birtchface: Well. Can I see your purses?

Mary, Sarah, and Me: What?!

Bitchface: Put yourself in my place. Someone stole my camera- it has everything on it! (This I feel, is a bit dramatic considering there is no way her camera would be capable of containing her money, credit cards, drivers license, house keys, car, and very life-force. But, if it was somehow able to contain those things then I guess I could understand her panic- she clearly owns a camera from the future.)

Mary, Sarah, and Me: You know what? Fine. Go ahead. (She then proceeds to put her hands in our bags to make sure we didn’t steal her camera)

Bitchface: If you guys took it, just tell me. I won’t be mad.

Me: Seriously! You already looked through our purses. We don’t have your camera. Have you bothered to ask anyone else around you, or are we the only ones who look like theives???!!!

Bitchface: Sorry! Just put yourself in my position.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Good luck in finding it. (We weren’t really wishing her that much good luck)

Can you believe that???! First, you interrupt a Kings of Leon song. Then, you accuse me and my friends of larceny????? Really? Oh yeah, and she had had like 5 beers and 2 giant margaritas, and yet she wouldn’t consider for one second that she may have dropped her camera or left it at one of the many concession stands she frequented throughout the night. Hells bells. I was none too pleased by this behavior. Major party foul- like permanently ejected from the party kind of foul. And you know what? That girl left still thinking we had stolen her camera. I didn’t steal your camera yo!

Happily, not even a bitchface like her could mar the musical glory that was KOL last night. I am still in musical heaven. They played a lot of their older music, which is some of my favorite, and just put on a wicked good show. Band of Horses opened and also put on a killer show. The night was major and I will never forget it!!! Thanks Mary and Sarah for being the best ones of the best ones- and for totally being two girls I could count on if the bitchface incident turned into fisticuffs.

Excited Hyperventilation Extravaganza

Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness. Oh geez. Oh my geez. Can’t. Take. A. Breath. Too. Excited. So very happy. Over the moon. I. Am. DYING.

I am so freaking excited. Like, over the moon, sugar high, just won the lottery, came up with the best yo mama joke, got a rap record deal, kind of excited. Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know? D’wannano? Because, tonight I’m going to….wait for it…. the KINGS OF LEON concert. I literally got goosebumps writing that.

And sure, I know what you’re thinking “Wait, Be A Lifehacker. Haven’t you seen them live before?” And you’re right. I have seen them live before. AND IT WAS EPIC. I went into a state of pseudo- Nirvana last time I saw them. And tonight, I’m going back to that place. Because KOL are playing the ATX and I will be there!

This excited hyperventilation extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without my two best friends- Mary and Sarah. They are beyond divine and surprised me with these tickets for an early birthday gift. They have my eternal love. Although, I think they bought me these tickets because they were with me last time I saw KOL and probably (definitely) got a lot of laughs from my behavior and just wanted to recreate the hilarity. I could not ask for better friends. :)

Enjoy some samplings of what I’m going to see tonight.

Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster

Reason Number 789 to join the Musical Revolution: Music is like a time-machine. Seriously.

Speaking of reason 789, I decided to feature my favorite band from my somewhat younger days. I’ve seen them live many times and have all of their albums. I hadn’t listened to them in a while but the other day I popped in one of their CDs, rolled my car windows down, and put the stereo on full blast. It was glorious. Also, I still really like their music. Basically all of my memories from High School and my first year of University have their music playing in the background. Curious? Any guesses??? Without further ado….


Hands Down

This makes me think of some really happy times with my college boyfriend. It was “our song”.


So sweet. This song features permanently on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes.

Saint and Sailors

This is the first DC song I ever heard. I promptly went out and bought everything I could find of theirs. One of my favorite lines in a song ever “You smile like a saint, but you curse like a sailor, and your eyes say the jokes on me.”

Ahhh, memories. You can fall in love to these songs, you can break-up to these songs. My car stereo is now featuring them daily- and loudly. Also, I am absolutely gutted that I missed their last Austin show in March.

What are your favorite bands from younger days??

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Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster
Reason number 322 to join the revolution: It helps you lose weight. Probably. You know, from all the dancing/jamming.

In other Muscal Revolution news- I was heartbroken yesterday to learn that because I live in the US I couldn’t apply to win Radio 1’s Big Weekend tickets. Every year BBC Radio 1 has a musical extravaganza somewhere in the UK, and the music is always stellar. At least, I’ve heard and imagined it was stellar because, you know, I live in the US and so can’t apply to get tickets. And you can’t buy tickets, you have to win them in a lotto. Which I thought was completely awesome until I learned I couldn’t even be in the lotto because I don’t live in the UK. And ok, I get that, but this year Radio 1’s Big Weekend is on my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY. And like ALL of my favorite bands are playing. But I won’t be there. GUTTED. There really wasn’t a point in telling you this- it just harshed my musical buzz this week.

On to the revolution…..

Arcade Fire

One of my favorite songs of all time. True story.

Noah and the Whale

To say I’ve become obsessed with this band would be an understatement. If this song was a person, I would stalk it.

Share your revolutions here, twitter (@girlcontrary), or on your blog. Viva la revolution!