Someday, I am going to learn that eating half of a watermelon makes my tummy hurt. That day was not last Monday. Or last Wednesday. Or last Friday.

Someday, I am going to remember that one cup of coffee gives me a good boost, but two cups of coffee makes me a complete and total spaz who randomly starts clapping to release some of that energy.

Or you know, probably I won’t ever do these things and they can be adorable quirks that people talk about fondly. Right? Like, “GotC always eat too much watermelon? Isn’t that precious?” or “You can always tell when GotC has had two cups of coffee because she just randomly starts clapping – it’s adorable!”

And those will be facts on my Wikipedia page that people who don’t know me read and are like “Wow! She’s just like me! I should buy her book!”

Also, someday I will write a book and have a Wikipedia page.