I’m A Wizard Harry!

So, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was kind of disappointing.


IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. Short of going to the actual Hogwarts as a student and being able to do magic.


The rides were so fantastic, the level of detail throughout both parks (Hogsmeade/Hogwarts and Diagon Alley) was amazing and made me giddy, the food was pretty yummy, and the frozen butterbeer was even better. I loved every single second of it. If I had to pick some favorites they would be the following (but really I hearted all of it).
1. The lines for the rides – what??!! This is crazy right? But on rides like The Forbidden Journey the details along the way are so fantastic you can’t help but enjoy your wait.

2. All the rides. I loved them all.

3. Frozen butterbeer. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

4. The Tale of the Three Brothers. Visually very similar to the movie and so entertaining to watch. The actors did a lovely job.

5. All of the shops. I want to buy all the things!

It’s a magical place y’all. A magical place. Go there.

Too Bad I’m Not Taking O.W.L.S

I’ve been studying for the GRE and part of that includes learning some new vocabulary words, which I actually love doing because I’m a word nerd. Anyway, this word nerd was flipping through some vocab flash cards and I came across the word “enervate”. I threw it in the “know it” pile because obviously it has something to with awakening or enlivening someone because that is the spell used to revive someone who has been stunned as I read in Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.


Enervate means to weaken or render feeble. At least that is what it means in reality. Clearly, it has a different meaning in the magical community. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I’m being tested on reality so I’m going to go with the flash cards on this one. On the plus side, I feel even more confident I could dominate O.W.L.S, which as a theoretical Ravenclaw feels good.

On the downside, I’m not taking O.W.L.S, I’m taking the GRE. But the silver-lining to that is that I will never forget what “enervate” means so really this was a win/win for me.

You Could Call Us A Power Couple…

Have y’all seen the Meyers Briggs Harry Potter equivalents infographic? I know it’s been online for ages, and you better believe I was all over it when it first hit the interwebs, but I had never asked Captain Thoughtful which character he is, which was a terrible lapse on my part because when I found out it made me SO HAPPY.

I am an ENFJ which means I’m Dumbledore thankyouverymuch. As I found out on Saturday, Captain Thoughtful is an ISTP which means he is…..waitforit…Harry Potter!

Basically, we are the best team ever and should the world ever be in danger I feel confident we could save it together. You could call us a power couple, but we would totally demur from that because it’s not power we want. We are way more into protection of the innocent and free candy and like fair treatment of magical creatures and stuff. But if you want to call us a power couple, we can’t like, stop you…..

Being A Nerd Earned Me An Ice Cream

ice cream

I went to see Harry Potter for the second time the other night with my dearest darling (and fabulous photographer) Sarah and of course, we stopped by the snack counter before the movies. We were directed into like 5 different snack lines before finally standing our ground in the last one and refusing to move again. There was a guy standing in front of us and he made some comment about how many times we switched lines and I think I made some polite comment back. Then, we had this conversation.

Guy: So, are you guys here to see Harry Potter?

Me: Yep.

Guy: Did you read the books?

Me: Uh yeah! I read the books like a million times.

Guy: Oh good. I thought I was the only nerd here.

Me: Not only are you not the only nerd here, you’re not even the biggest nerd here. Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m wearing a Ravenclaw pin on my shirt. (Because I would totally be in Ravenclaw if Hogwarts existed)

Guy: Wow! That’s impressive.

Me: Yes, I believe it is.

Guy: To be fair, I didn’t read the books, I listened to them on tape, but they were great because it was professional thespians playing all the parts.

Me: So, again, I’ve got you beat in the nerd department.

Guy: Good for you.

Then it was the guys turn to order his snacks. After he paid, he turned around to me, handed me an ice-cream and told me to enjoy the movie. Say what? I was totally shocked, finally, finally, my nerdiness had earned me a treat, and in fact, one of my favorite treats ice-cream. I mean, how completely amazing is that? I’ll answer for you- TOTALLY AMAZING. It was so unexpected and maybe one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. And you know what, it helped a little bit with my end of Harry Potter depression.


This Actually Hurt My Feelings


This may come as a surprise to many of you, but people used to actually let me teach their children. That’s right, I had a brief but colorful stint as a kindergarten teacher. It was a complete and utter blast. I loved my students so much and they never failed to make me laugh- kids are hilarious and hilariously honest.

One student in particular sticks out in my mind as being hysterically funny, unintentionally of course. His name was Christopher and he had the cutest blonde bowl cut I’ve ever seen. When we would play basketball at recess, he would sing a song to pump himself up before taking a shot. I think it was from High School Musical. It was so awesome because it didn’t matter whether or not he actually sunk a basket, he would just keep on singing “Get ya head in the game, you gotta gotta get ya head in the game.” while he shifted from foot to foot in a dance-like movement. Needless to say, I let them play basketball as often as they liked because this was such a joy to watch. Christopher kind of lived in his own little world and I quite admired him for that, it didn’t matter that one of his classmates once looked at me and said “That kid is crazy!” Christopher just kept right on living in his dreamworld.

Christopher loved any type of superhero or fantasy hero books and movies and he could frequently be seen throwing his hand down in a spiderman like movement as if he was trying to shoot webs out of his wrist in order to grab whatever it was across the room he wanted. It never worked, but he did it so earnestly, I almost thought he would be able to do it one day. Christopher was also a little possessive. Possessive of his toys, his schoolwork, and even me. When he was paying attention, which wasn’t often, he would get very jealous if I was paying a little extra attention to another student. Unfortunately, this sometimes resulted in Christopher throwing a fit or acting out in another way. Usually, I was able to calm him down quickly and one “I don’t think so” look from me would chill him out. There was one instance though where he was livid at me for letting another student pick out the reading time book. I don’t know what it was about that that set him off, especially since I always let the kids rotate who choose the book and it was the other students turn, but Christopher was not having it that day. He threw such a tantrum I had to put him in the time-out corner. As I walked him over to the time-out chair, he turned around looked me straight in the eyes and screamed “Avada Kedavra!”

For those of you who aren’t Harry Potter nerds like myself, “avada kedavra” is the incantation of the killing curse used in the books. There is no counter-spell to this curse and it instantly kills. So, when Christopher yelled this at me, I was stunned. I’m sure he didn’t realize that I knew all about Harry Potter and had read the books about a million times and he probably thought he had a secret way of expressing his anger. Not so. I knew exactly what he was trying to do. Honest to goodness, of all the things he could have yelled at me, that hurt my feelings the worst. Seriously. I know it sounds ridiculous, but knowing he was so mad at me that he would cast a killing curse right at me without any warning really hurt. Especially because he and I had such a good teacher-student relationship up to that point. For a second, it really felt as if he had cast the curse, that’s how stunned I was.

I regained my sense pretty quickly though and knelt down so he could look at me in the face and see how serious I was. “Christopher.”, I said, “Do you know what that spell means?” “Yes, I do. Voldemort used it on Harry.”, he responded. “Ok, well then you know how very serious and hurtful what you said was.”, I told him. Tears welled up in his eyes and he said, “I’m so sorry! I don’t want you to die!.” Of course, I knew what he said wouldn’t actually kill me, but it seemed like he thought I might fall over dead at any moment and it would be all his fault. I accepted his apology, reassured him that I wasn’t going to die, and went about my day. Such is the life of a teacher, but I honestly will never forget how much those words hurt in that moment. And I will never stop feeling absurd that a fictional curse from Harry Potter hurt my feelings. But it did.

What about you guys? Has something silly ever hurt your feelings?

Why I Won’t Be Seeing Harry Potter In 3D.

3d glasses

I don’t even have the words to convey how excited, sad, thrilled, depressed, and anxious I am about the final Harry Potter movie coming out. Basically, if you threw almost every emotion into a blender and then pureed it, the resulting goop of emotion would be close to what I am feeling. I do have one very definite emotion though when it comes to seeing this movie in 3D, and that emotion is “Hell no!”

I’m not a fan of 3D. At all. I’ve given it a chance but every time I try seeing a movie in 3D, I have three thoughts.

1. These glasses are stupid.

2. My head is starting to hurt.

3. I don’t see anything particularly special happening. Is everyone else seeing something I’m not? Are my glasses broken?

Also, my everyday life is in 3D. Isn’t it more special to go see something not in 3D? I much prefer 2D. 2D is special. 2D is something you don’t see everyday. Unless you count watching TV or surfing the internet. OK. 3D and 2D are both equally un-special. But at least with 2D I don’t have to wear special glasses that make my head hurt. Oh yeah, and 3D movies are more expensive. You’re basically paying for a headache.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As if these reasons weren’t enough, I have an even better reason not to see Harry Potter in 3D. I’ve read all the books (like 50 times) so I know what happens, and I know I’m going to cry. A lot. There will be a LOT of tears from me. In the last movie, I started crying right at the beginning (When Hermione had to erase her parents memory of her), and continued to cry off and on until the final credits. I even had to choke back audible ugly crying when Dobby died. So, I know that I am going to be doing lots of sobbing in this film. And who wants to keep lifting up stupid 3D glasses every 5 minutes to wipe the tears out of their eyes? Not me. I don’t want to be fussing with glasses I don’t even need to be wearing when I’m trying to address my very complicated Harry Potter finale emotions. If I saw Harry Potter in 3D, my glasses would be all fogged up from my pathetic crying and I would probably miss exciting parts of the movie. Basically, seeing Harry Potter in 3D would ruin my final Harry Potter movie experience. And I won’t stand for it! I will not stand for it, I say!

What are your Harry Potter finale plans?? If they involve 3D, please disregard this post but don’t come crying to me when your head hurts and you missed large bits of the movie because you took your glasses off to wipe tears from your eyes. I warned you.