I Didn’t Steal Your Camera Yo!

Kings of Leon

Last nights Kings of Leon concert was beyond epic. What’s beyond epic you may ask? Oh don’t worry, I created a word for it. The Kings of Leon concert was colossepical (that’s colossal+epic). You’re welcome English language.

The nights only hiccup was an incident I am going to henceforth refer to as “The Bitchface incident”. During the encore- which was colossepical, and specifically during “Closer” which is one of my favorite KOL songs, the girl in front of us turned around and demanded our attention. That alone would have irked me seeing as I was basking in musical splendor at the moment, but she didn’t stop there. The following account is a true story.


Camera of the future??? (P.S. This is NOT what her camera looked like)

Bitchface: Umm, excuse me! Someone stole my camera.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Oh. We’re sorry.

Birtchface: Well. Can I see your purses?

Mary, Sarah, and Me: What?!

Bitchface: Put yourself in my place. Someone stole my camera- it has everything on it! (This I feel, is a bit dramatic considering there is no way her camera would be capable of containing her money, credit cards, drivers license, house keys, car, and very life-force. But, if it was somehow able to contain those things then I guess I could understand her panic- she clearly owns a camera from the future.)

Mary, Sarah, and Me: You know what? Fine. Go ahead. (She then proceeds to put her hands in our bags to make sure we didn’t steal her camera)

Bitchface: If you guys took it, just tell me. I won’t be mad.

Me: Seriously! You already looked through our purses. We don’t have your camera. Have you bothered to ask anyone else around you, or are we the only ones who look like theives???!!!

Bitchface: Sorry! Just put yourself in my position.

Mary, Sarah, and Me: Good luck in finding it. (We weren’t really wishing her that much good luck)

Can you believe that???! First, you interrupt a Kings of Leon song. Then, you accuse me and my friends of larceny????? Really? Oh yeah, and she had had like 5 beers and 2 giant margaritas, and yet she wouldn’t consider for one second that she may have dropped her camera or left it at one of the many concession stands she frequented throughout the night. Hells bells. I was none too pleased by this behavior. Major party foul- like permanently ejected from the party kind of foul. And you know what? That girl left still thinking we had stolen her camera. I didn’t steal your camera yo!

Happily, not even a bitchface like her could mar the musical glory that was KOL last night. I am still in musical heaven. They played a lot of their older music, which is some of my favorite, and just put on a wicked good show. Band of Horses opened and also put on a killer show. The night was major and I will never forget it!!! Thanks Mary and Sarah for being the best ones of the best ones- and for totally being two girls I could count on if the bitchface incident turned into fisticuffs.

Excited Hyperventilation Extravaganza

Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness. Oh geez. Oh my geez. Can’t. Take. A. Breath. Too. Excited. So very happy. Over the moon. I. Am. DYING.

I am so freaking excited. Like, over the moon, sugar high, just won the lottery, came up with the best yo mama joke, got a rap record deal, kind of excited. Do you wanna know why? Do you wanna know? D’wannano? Because, tonight I’m going to….wait for it…. the KINGS OF LEON concert. I literally got goosebumps writing that.

And sure, I know what you’re thinking “Wait, Be A Lifehacker. Haven’t you seen them live before?” And you’re right. I have seen them live before. AND IT WAS EPIC. I went into a state of pseudo- Nirvana last time I saw them. And tonight, I’m going back to that place. Because KOL are playing the ATX and I will be there!

This excited hyperventilation extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without my two best friends- Mary and Sarah. They are beyond divine and surprised me with these tickets for an early birthday gift. They have my eternal love. Although, I think they bought me these tickets because they were with me last time I saw KOL and probably (definitely) got a lot of laughs from my behavior and just wanted to recreate the hilarity. I could not ask for better friends. :)

Enjoy some samplings of what I’m going to see tonight.

Musical Revolution

Musical Revolution Poster

I got this from Coop. Click on it to see what other gems you might find on his blog.

Reason 87 you should join the revolution: Listening to music never killed anyone. Probably.

Reason 258 you should join the revolution: Without music riding around town on a beautiful day with your windows down would be meaningless.

Kings of Leon.

I’ve been listening to Aha Shake Heartbreak a ton this week. It’s an album that never gets old.

Friendly Fires

I love this band to pieces and this is one of my favorite songs ever. So brilliant.

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As It Turns Out, I Just Needed Coffee.

coffee poster

So, yesterday, when I was deflated, it turned out that my real problem was that I hadn’t had any coffee yet. Once I got my hit of caffeine I started feeling a lot better. Or, you know, it could have been the Kings of Leon video too. It was probably both.

So, now I’m worried that I’m addicted to coffee. And Kings of Leon. Mostly, I’m just worried about the coffee because that seems like it could go way worse than a Kings of Leon addiction. Although, how crazy awesome would it be if I was like shaking on a corner begging people to listen to Kings of Leon on their iPod? If I ever see someone doing that, I will definitely let them get a Kings of Leon hit off my iPod, because, hey man, I’ve been there.

Anyway, what I’m more worried about is the coffee. And the lack of sleep. And I’m fairly certain that the coffee is to blame for my feeling deflated. But it’s also the solution to my feeling deflated. Life is complicated. I’m going to distract myself with coffee posters. And coffee. And lots more work. Yay me. (That was sarcastic)

coffee poster

coffee postercoffee poster

It’s almost Friday y’all. We can survive this week!!!! With or without coffee. But probably with it.

Hello World, I Am A Deflated Balloon.

deflated heart balloon

This is me. (Also, it's the cover art for a Kanye West album)

Not feeling very funny. Just feeling deflated.

This makes me feel a little bit better though….

Thank you Kings of Leon. Thank you.

Whatever I Did, I’m Sorry.

ACL Austin City LimitsAustin City Limits is one of my absolute favorite things. Every fall a ton of gifted musical acts gather to perform for three days in Austin, Texas. It is magical. This is something I have been attending for years. It has all of the talent of SXSW without the pretension and annoying people walking down the middle of Congress acting like they don’t know there is a line of 100 cars waiting for them to move so they can continue driving. Anyway….I really love ACL.

I have done something terrible though. Something that ACL will never forgive me for. I’m not sure what it was but it had to have been really really bad. How do I know I did something really really bad? Because Austin City Limits has loved making my musical life unbearably difficult for the past several years by scheduling at least two of my favorite acts at the same time. They are obviously trying to get back at me for something. They want to hurt me. They are succeeding.

This year it’s M.I.A. and Muse on Saturday night. Same time. It hurts to write it. I have loved both of these acts for years. When I saw the line-up for this year and bought tickets I never thought I would have to choose between them. How can I? I’m so sorry for whatever I did ACL. I really am. Please, please forgive me. I am literally down-on-my-knees begging you to reschedule. I need to see them both. I might die if I have to choose. I absolutely will die if I have to choose. I mean, whatever I did to deserve this can’t have been so bad that you would wish for my death. Right? Right!?

Last year I had to choose between the Kings of Leon and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And it really hurt me. Hurt me deep. I went with Kings of Leon and they were brilliant. Beyond amazing but I will always feel a little bit sad that I haven’t seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live. I mean, they probably had an amazing set at ACL. I don’t know. I will never know. And even if I see them live somewhere else, I will never have seen them live at ACL. You can probably hear the violins playing in the background of this post- and also the thunder-like sound of my heart breaking. You like that kind of music ACL? How about tears? You like the sound of those? Because I am planning on calling you and leaving you lots of messages that are comprised of nothing more than my ugly sobbing. I am your psycho ex-girlfriend ACL. The more you hurt me, the more I stalk you and send you dead roses and maybe set fire to your house- I don’t know- it all depends on how bad you continue to try and hurt me. I can’t be held responsible for my actions. This is on you ACL. And no jury would convict me. Probably.

I digress. What I mean to say is I am so sorry. I am so very, truly, deeply, sorry for whatever I did that made you want to hurt me this way. I will literally do anything for you to reschedule Saturday performances, please don’t make me choose between M.I.A. and Muse. Please. Pretty please. Remember all the good times we’ve had over the years? Remember how faithful I have been in attending? That has to mean something to you. Think of all the good times ACL- think of the good times and reschedule.