J.K. Rowling Is My Patronus

I have felt a bit like life’s punching bag lately. Just when I think I’m up, life punches me back down. And that makes me grouchy and also I think life is being a stupidface.

But then J.K. Rowling says that there is an eighth story to Harry Potter and it’s a two part play. And I remember I have Captain Thoughtful and Dobby and that gummi bears are a thing. And that even though things are complicated and frustrating right now, there is hope and love and just a shit – ton of laughter to be had.

I think J.K. Rowling might be my patronus y’all.

Things I Worry About In Parking Lots

I am currently sitting in Whole Foods parking lot waiting for it to open (side note, why aren’t you open before 9am Whole Foods? I guess I should just eat McDonald’s for breakfast and have a heart attack. You would like that wouldn’t you? Sorry Whole Foods, I’m a bit hangry. Just open already.) Anyway, I am sitting here in the Whole Foods parking lot, in my used volvo, listening to NPR, and contemplating which salad to buy for lunch and I’m just really worried y’all that I am an accidental hipster. Am I an accidental hipster? All these things seem like hipster things. Is 30 too old to be an accidental hipster? How do I stop it?

Oh! Whole Foods just opened! BYEEEEEEE!

I Might Be a Bit Sentimental

There is a birds nest on our front porch. It’s completely uninhabited but I can’t bring myself to disposing of it because it was once someone’s home.

Our puppy Dobby has almost completely destroyed the first toy we ever got him, but I can’t throw it away because it was his first.

This leads me to believe I might be a bit sentimental. And also maybe a hoarder?